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Do you know why Chinese tea is good for you?

There are three key elements which occur naturally in Chinese tea and to which the major health benefits are attributed: nutrients, antioxidants and caffeine. Since it undergoes the least amount of processing which alters the natural components, green tea generally has the highest content of all these nutrients and antioxidants and so is thought to give the most health benefits. Oolong and black teas do, however, have supporting studies for their own distinct health benefits claims which are now being made known.

To find out more, please look at the Chinese Tea and Health page provided by Chinese Tea for You.

What is Chinese White Tea?

white tea is made from the youngest buds, picked in Spring, before they are open and still covered in fine white hairs
key processing steps: Withering, Baking
white tea does not go through the Killing the Green or Rolling processes so that the fine white hairs are not destroyed
the delicate appearance and flavour of the leaf are also preserved
white tea is generally brewed at 95C, using one part tea to three or four parts water

The above information is provided by Chinese Tea for You.

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Shou Mei

Grade 1 White Peony

Supreme White Peony

Silver Needle Pekoe

Do you know how Chinese tea is produced?

Green tea, yellow tea, black tea etc. all originate from the same plant (Camellia sinensis); the differences in a tea's characteristics come from the processing.

The quality, aroma and taste of the tea depends largely on the soil in which it is grown, the water which helps it grow, and the skill and experience of those who pick and process the tea leaves.

Though the processing of the tea leaves at each facility may be as individual as the processing of the grapes at each vineyard to make wine, there are several key processes which are common to all.

To find out more, please look at the Chinese Tea Processing page provided by Chinese Tea for You.

What is Chinese Green Tea?

green tea is the most natural of Chinese tea classes since it is subject to minimum processing
key processing steps: Killing the Green, Rolling, Baking
most of the Chinese tea produced is green tea
green tea has beauty of shape, a strong fragrance and a rich, natural, fresh taste
has the greatest potential health benefit since most nutrients and antioxidants are preserved
because green tea leaves are delicate it is generally brewed at 85-90C using one part tea to seven parts water

The above information is provided by Chinese Tea for You.

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Grade 1 Dragon Well

Supreme Dragon Well

Yu Qian Dragon Well

Ming Qian Dragon Well

Huangshan Fur Peak

Dongshan Biluochun

Tunxi Green

Huangshan Green Sea Anemone

Do you know how Chinese tea is classified?

There have been several attempts to formalise Chinese tea classification, the latest having occurred after the Second World War. This classification of Chinese tea is defined according to the amount of fermentation the tea leaves undergo. Fermentation (or oxidation) is the process of exposing the tea leaves to air which changes the leaves to give them their distinct taste/colour.

To find out more about it, please look at the Tea Classification page provided by Chinese Tea for You.

Chinese Tea for You

Your one-stop tea shop for quality Chinese tea and tea-related products. It brings you a different tea experience and encourages the everyday drinking of Chinese tea.

Chinese Tea for You

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Enhance Your Tea Experience with Tea Accessories

to help you enjoy your Chinese tea experience a variety of tea accessories, for different purposes, are made

tea accessories are a perfect accompaniment to the brewing of fine Chinese teas and are a good addition to a teaware collection

tea accessories also make perfect gifts for the Chinese tea drinkers you know

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Rosewood Tea Tool 4-piece Set

Lotus Tea Dispenser

Characters Tea Caddy

Airtight Tea Container

Butterfly Teacups

Red Gift Box

Chinese Tea Sampler Sets

Chinese tea sampler sets can be used for many purposes. By having a selection of teas readily available, they are ideal for offering to visitors at home or in the office. They are perfect for someone who is just starting to drink Chinese tea, and wishes to experience each class of tea. Tea sampler sets also make wonderful gifts for friends and family who already enjoy Chinese tea.

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Premium Tea Sampler Set

Supreme Tea Sampler Set

Green Tea Sampler Set

Oolong Tea Sampler Set

Blooming Tea Sampler Set

Why use glass teaware?

Glass teaware enables you to enjoy the 'spectacular' Chinese teas. You can watch your blooming teas blossom, your Junshan Silver Needle tea dance, and your Jasmine Pearl tea unfurl!

For regular Chinese tea it is easy to see the colour of the tea with glass teaware, and so to decide when to stop the infusion.

Click the following links to buy glass teaware from Chinese Tea for You.

Piao I Teapot 500ml

Piao I Teapot 1000ml

Glass Gaiwan 100ml

Glass Gaiwan 160ml

Glass Teacup with Infuser 250ml

Glass Teapot with Infuser 200ml

Glass Teapot with Infuser 250ml

What is Chinese Compressed Tuocha and Tribute Tea?

made in Yunnan Province, the home of Pu-erh tea
Tuocha can be described as the shape of a bird's nest, a bowl or a mushroom head
originally tea was compressed into tuocha of various sizes for easier storage, and convenience in transportation; the new mini tuocha provides convenience for today's living
in old China, tribute tea was used to pay the Emperor in lieu of taxes; only the very best quality teas were acceptable as tribute
tribute teas are shaped as bricks, cakes or melons, with melons ranging in size from a few hundred grams to several kilograms
green compressed tea is aged completely naturally; mature compressed tea is given its aged taste more quickly by stacking the tea before being compressed

The above information is provided by Chinese Tea for You.

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1994 Mini Tuocha

Green Mini Tuocha

Rose Mini Tuocha

Jasmine Mini Tuocha

Chrysanthemum Mini Tuocha

1994 Xiaguan Mature Tuocha

1994 Menghai Mature Tuocha

1993 Phoenix Mature Tuocha

1998 Crane Green Tuocha

1992 Crane Green Tuocha

1984 Crane Green Tuocha

Mature Melon Tribute Tea

Golden Melon Tribute Tea

Golden Melon Tribute Tea Bundle

Aged Golden Melon Tribute Tea 3.3kg

Aged Golden Melon Tribute Tea 5.5kg

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