What is Chinese Compressed Tuocha and Tribute Tea? 

What is Chinese Compressed Tuocha and Tribute Tea?

made in Yunnan Province, the home of Pu-erh tea
Tuocha can be described as the shape of a bird's nest, a bowl or a mushroom head
originally tea was compressed into tuocha of various sizes for easier storage, and convenience in transportation; the new mini tuocha provides convenience for today's living
in old China, tribute tea was used to pay the Emperor in lieu of taxes; only the very best quality teas were acceptable as tribute
tribute teas are shaped as bricks, cakes or melons, with melons ranging in size from a few hundred grams to several kilograms
green compressed tea is aged completely naturally; mature compressed tea is given its aged taste more quickly by stacking the tea before being compressed

The above information is provided by Chinese Tea for You.

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1994 Mini Tuocha

Green Mini Tuocha

Rose Mini Tuocha

Jasmine Mini Tuocha

Chrysanthemum Mini Tuocha

1994 Xiaguan Mature Tuocha

1994 Menghai Mature Tuocha

1993 Phoenix Mature Tuocha

1998 Crane Green Tuocha

1992 Crane Green Tuocha

1984 Crane Green Tuocha

Mature Melon Tribute Tea

Golden Melon Tribute Tea

Golden Melon Tribute Tea Bundle

Aged Golden Melon Tribute Tea 3.3kg

Aged Golden Melon Tribute Tea 5.5kg

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