What is Chinese Compressed Tea? 

What is Chinese Compressed Tea?

compressed tea is formed using pu-erh tea leaves
the pu-erh tea leaves are steamed, pressed into shape and dried; common shapes are bricks and cakes
tuocha compressed tea is formed in the shape of a nest, usually 100g in weight; for the convenience of everyday use, mini tuocha, weighing about 5 grams, are popular
compressed pu-erh tea can be stored for years, decades even, it undergoes continuous fermentation and should be stored in contact with air at room temperature
similar to black tea, compressed tea improves with age; some of the best pu-erh tea cakes can be up to 70 years old and very expensive
best brewed at 100C using one part tea to six parts water
compressed pu-erh tea is commonly brewed using the Gong Fu brewing method

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Compressed Tea Bricks and Cakes

Compressed Tuocha and Tribute Tea

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