What is Chinese Scented/Flower/Blooming Tea? 

What is Chinese Scented/Flower/Blooming Tea?

scented tea is a base of any tea in which the fragrance of a flower is diffused
jasmine is the most fragrant and popular scented tea; much of the green tea grown in China is made into jasmine tea
flower tea is made using only dried flowers which undergo very little processing
chrysanthemum, osmanthus and rose are common flower teas
blooming tea is a hand crafted tea in which edible flowers are hand tied in a ball of tea leaves
when brewed (preferably in a [link=http://www.chineseteaforyou.com/site/1023330/page/534719]glass teapot or cup) the blooming tea ball can be seen to slowly open, giving the appearance of a blossoming flower

The above information is provided by Chinese Tea for You.

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