What is Wuyi Rock Tea? 

What is Wuyi Rock Tea?

Wuyi Rock tea (Yan Cha) is so called because the tea plants are grown in rocky outcrops on Wuyishan Mountain
many of the Wuyi Rock oolong teas get their names from folklore and legendary stories
on regular tea farms, tea plants are usually grown in formal rows; because of the natural rocky terrain Wuyi Rock tea plants are grown in a scattered manner
the combination of temperature, rainfall and humidity experienced on Wuyishan Mountain give the Wuyi Rock oolong teas their characteristic aroma and flavour
the fragrance of Wuyi Rock teas is natural and not impregnated during processing as in scented tea
Wuyishan Mountain is a popular tourist attraction because of its magnificent scenery as well as being a famous oolong tea growing area

The above information is provided by Chinese Tea for You.

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Dahongpao Wuyi Rock Tea

Baijiguan Wuyi Rock Tea

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