What Is Oolong Tea? 

What Is Oolong Tea?

oolong tea is a class of tea and also a common name for a tea
key processing steps: Withering, Killing the Green, Rolling, Baking (usually more than once)
the degree of heat used in the extra firing (light-, medium-, or heavy-fired) affects the characteristics of the oolong tea
a half fermented tea midway between green and red tea; the middle of the processed [link=http://www.chineseteaforyou.com/site/1023330/page/531556]oolong tea leaf is green while the edges are red
oolong tea has a strong green tea taste with sweetness of red tea
generally brewed at 98-100C using one part tea to four or six parts water
to appreciate the complex tastes and fragrances of the finer oolongs, Gong Fu style brewing is recommended

Chinese Tea for You brings you a wide range of fine [link=http://www.chineseteaforyou.com/site/1023330/page/531556]oolong teas from China and Taiwan; to see our selection simply click on the links below.

Chinese Oolong Tea

Wuyi Rock Tea

Taiwan Oolong Tea

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